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Our aim is to help you find a yoga class that you LOVE! By attending lots of different classes at various studios, you can find the one that fits. We represent over 500 teachers and studios.

Buy a YogaPass:

  • 1-Class Pass $13
  • 2-Class Pass $24
  • 5-Class Pass $60
  • 10-Class Pass $100
These rates are cheaper than a casual class pass at most studios.
  • 2
    Print out the passes we send you, or save them on your smart phone
  • 3
    Find a studio you want to attend, book with them online or over the phone
  • 4
    Enjoy your class!
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all your passes have been used.
The number of classes you can attend at any single studio depends on the particular studios policy. Look for the policy icon on their entry:

Once you've decided on a studio that you love you can buy a Studio Pass to their classes. Find the studio on the YogaPass site and click this button.

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