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Student FAQ's


I have been given a YogaPass, how do I use it?

Simple! Search for a studio near you here: https://www.yogapass.com.au/find-a-studio/ give the first studio you want to attend a call or book online via their website and then go along to your first class with your YogaPass. Repeat again at another studio until all your passes are used up or until you find one that you love! Enjoy!


I was issued a YogaPass in my name, can I gift it to someone else to use?

Yes you can, they must be a new student to that studio and use their own name when booking the class.


Can I use more than one YogaPass at the same class or studio?

This depends on the individual studio, look at their listing this will tell you how many classes they will allow you to attend using a YogaPass.


I did not have time to use my passes, can I extend the expiry date?

Try to use your passes within the expiry period. However if this is not possible, please contact us (before the passes expire) and we will endeavour to re-issue them for you.


I have lost my passes, can you resend them?

Yes we can, just send us an email with the name and email address used to purchase the passes.


If I have attended a class with one teacher, can I then go back to the same studio with my YogaPass and do a class with another teacher?

Some studios allow more YogaPasses to be used with each teacher, look for this on their listing


Is my pass refundable?

Yes you can have a full refund on your passes provided none of them have been redeemed, you are within the expiry period and the pass was purchased under your name.

This may not be possible with two-for-one deals or if you purchased the passes via another provider, please contact us for more information.


Can I use my YogaPasses with more than one studio?

Yes! In fact the whole purpose of YogaPass is to encourage you to use your passes at as many studios as you can, therefor exposing you to different teachers and styles of yoga in the hope that you will find one you love and want to go to regularly.


Why can I not find the studio I want to go to?

They may not be listed with YogaPass yet. If this is the case please send us the details of the studio you would like to attend and we will get in touch with them to ask them to join YogaPass. For most studios this is and easy choice as it is free to list.





Studio and Teacher FAQ's


How do I get my studio listed on YogaPass?

Simply visit http://www.yogapass.com.au/become-a-yogapass-studio/ and fill out the form and follow the enrolment procedure, click here for more in-depth info on YogaPass.


How do I claim my YogaPasses?

When you sign up you will be given a username and password, use them herehttps://www.yogapass.com.au/studio-area/ to sign in to your listing, from here you can claim passes, edit your info add studio passes and much more. Alternatively please contact us at any time with the name and number on the pass you are claiming and we can process this on your behalf.


What is a Studio Pass?

Studio Passes are essentially passes to your studio only. Just like you would issue a student a concession card for 10 classes and take payment up front and then mark off the classes as they attend. This is the same concept except that students can buy your classes online at the YogaPass site, we sell them on your behalf.

Click here for more detailed information on Studio Passes.


I have moved or my website has changed, how do I change my listing?

Log on to your listing here https://www.yogapass.com.au/studio-area/ and click on "My Studio" to edit all of your details. Having trouble logging in? Or forgot your Username and Password? Email Cate info@yogapass.com.au


How do I change the number of YogaPasses I will accept at my classes?

Log on to your listing here https://www.yogapass.com.au/studio-area/ and click on "My Studio" scroll down to where it says "Policy" and choose from the drop down box what the policy is that applies to your studio. Having trouble logging in? Or forgot your Username and Password? Email Cate info@yogapass.com.au


I am just a yoga teacher with a few classes, I don't have a website or my own studio, can I still join YogaPass?

Yes we would love to have you!


Where can I drop off my stock of pre-loved mats?

Contact Cate info@yogapass.com.au to find out where your nearest collection point is or to arrange a courier pick-up and we will send you a free YogaPass to say thank you!